The Kilmarnock Tattoo Guide

Obviously, tattoos are really cool in spite of what some of our parents taught us while growing up. Nowadays, anyone can wear one including a doctor, a parent or a cook as the stigmas are being eliminated gradually. Tattoos are now perceived as a medium people can channel their own stories by form of permanent art on their body. Every tattoo has a background story including the stupid ones.

However, deciding to actually have one can be quite a challenging experience. You’ll have numerous factors to consider before taking the step. It can get confusing and you might end up with something you never wanted to begin with. So, if you’ve always been wishing to get one but never done, here’s your guide for artist selection, aftercare, etiquette, and more.

  • First, Think It Through.

Whether you are not sure of the specific design or are worried that after a long time you might lose interest in the design, these are all factors worth consideration. If you wanna take some time and think, then six months to a year is advisable. If by then you won’t have changed your mind, then go ahead. For the longevity and visibility concerns, get your first tattoo in a less visible place.If somehow, after many years you end up being disappointed with your tattoo, there’re removal methods you could consider.

  • Choose Your Artist Wisely.

It’s really easy to go in any tattoo parlor and get yourself inked. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, just that it would be better to get some research first. Getting a tattoo is an intimate experience whereby someone has to write on you with potentially risky tools, something that will last permanently. This person has to be treated the same way you would treat your therapist. It’s important to go for a skilled and experienced person for the job and one you’re comfortable with.

  • Don’t Skimp on Price

Although we all love a good deal, expect to pay a bit more with tattoos. Tattoos are expensive cause the equipment used for the process is expensive. The price should not be an issue since you’re purchasing a fine and permanent art piece for your body. Although there’re some people who might try to overprice you, if you’ve done the research properly, then this won’t be a setback for you, you’ll have an idea of what you expected to pay. When a fine job is done, you could always tip the artist.

  • Respect the Entire Process

After selecting your artist, you’ll need to schedule when next she/he’ll be available. For some, they’ll be right on spot but for other artists you’ll have to plan for your appointment in advance. Sometimes, the artist may request for consultation before scheduling the actual appointment especially if the tattoo is complex. For the actual session, many worry if they’ll feel pain but the truth is that we all process pain in our bodies differently. You can ask for a break during the session if you want to. After the process, ensure that you take good care as advised by the artist.

  • Know the Story Behind It

Every time you get your body tattooed, you’ll live to remember it so whatever it is, it has to have a special story behind it. The tattoos will eventually form a map of your life’s story all through your body. Sometimes they’ll indicate the good, other times they may represent anger,bittersweet nostalgia or even sadness. The tattoos and the memories tied to them are meant only for you.

Since it’s your body, your expression and your art, you should do what pleases you. You’re the only person who has to love it.

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